SlimFIT™ Customer Connection Point

Customer & Installer Approved FTTH ONT Access Point

Made to order and built in Springboro, Ohio.
Usually ships in 1-2 business days. If build requires more time, we will contact you with an ETA.
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The SlimFIT™ Customer Connection Point is a compact, indoor wall mount fiber termination and distribution enclosure. This unit is typically used as an FTTH ONT access point or MDU point-of-entry. The unit is designed to be mounted onto a Single Gang wiring wall box or directly mounted to the wall. This enclosure provides a secure location for slack storage and fiber connections. The low profile cover easily snaps over the base.

FTTH ONT access point - SlimFIT Customer Connection Point

Style does not give way to function on the SlimFIT™ Customer Connection Point. The unit is slightly larger than the space needed for the wall box, covering any possible cutting mistakes.

Includes everything you need to install on a one gang box or the wall:

  • 2 40 mm splice sleeves
  • 2 white-painted screws for a single gang low voltage box
  • 2 wall anchors and screws

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