About Us

Total Cable Solutions & colorpowercables.com Team

Total Cable Solutions & colorpowercables.com Team

Our Story

In 2008 a group of visionaries from various backgrounds in the data-com and business world decided to change the networking cable industry for the better.  Having seen the way many companies did business and dealt with customers in the industry, they wanted to create a company that did it right. They sought to bring the focus back to quality products they could be proud of and making customer service the #1 priority.  The result was Total Cable Solutions (TCS) headquartered in Springboro, Ohio and its subsidiary Color Power Cables available online at colorpowercables.com.

In an economy that forced many networking companies to downsize or even fold, we dared to be different and expanded.  Our dedication to integrity, quality, and commitment to our customers allows TCS to thrive, innovate, and continue to improve. As we grow we remain committed to our leadership's guiding principles to make the customer the focus of everything we do!

Our Mission

Total Cable Solutions and colorpowercables.com delivers the highest quality products and customer service in the networking connectivity business at industry-leading prices.